Small Pork Only CSA - Monthly

Small Pork Only CSA - Monthly

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Created by popular demand.  This Small Pork Only CSA box is ideal for for one to three people a month.  Every month we will ship you a unique box packed with an assortment of ground pork/sausage, steak cuts and roasts/ribs.  Boxes are typically 8-11 lbs and qualify for free shipping when you subscribe!  Sign up now while spots last.

The beauty of a monthly subscription is that you will receive both some of your most familiar cuts and cuts that you have never tried before.  Enjoy the discovery of finding new favorites!    

Due to the terrific pricing of this monthly subscription, we cannot accommodate diet or allergy restriction or offer substitutions on the products in your package.Please order any additional cuts for your monthly menu separately - standard shipping rates will apply.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your local rancher!