Pork German Bratwurst Sausage - 1.0-1.4 lbs

Pork German Bratwurst Sausage - 1.0-1.4 lbs

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Our incredible Pasture Raised Pork Sausage gone German! Simple, natural seasonings give it a true German flavor.

Cut Details - Vacuum sealed 1 pound packages of 3-4 linked sausages. 

Ingredients - Ground Pork, hog casing, sugar, coriander, sage, paprika, cayenne pepper, dried rosemary, dry mustard powder, nutmeg and salt.

ALL the Spices used to create this Sausage are from Savory Spice Shop, the spices are ground fresh in weekly batches, so that they can offer the freshest possible product. Their more than 160 blends are original recipes and are hand-crafted at a warehouse here in Denver, Colorado. Check them out here: http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/