Ranch to Kitchen Subscriptions

Corner Post Meats has relaunched their Ranch to Kitchen subscriptions!

Gone are the days of forgetting to order, not knowing what to get, or buying “good enough” meat from the grocery store. 

Now that R2K is back, you can:

  • get an assorted box of beef, pork, chicken, and fish every single month in two sizes
  • Nine options to choose from including just ground beef, just chicken, just fish, just salmon, just beef, and just pork 
  • More Meals box is designed to give you the most food value for your dollar 
  • choose the size that matches your appetite, budget and freezer space
  • add favorites to your order easily
  • get FREE shipping nation-wide
  • pause or cancel your subscription anytime

Let’s get you all signed up so you can take “planning way in advance” off your plate, and start putting “mindful meat” on it. Choose your box below.

Disclaimer: You’ll be thinking about this box of mouthwatering meat all day like a song that’s stuck in your head, so you might as well just save yourself the distraction and choose your box now.