It’s never been easier to give a damn
about what’s on your plate.

Our Ranch to Kitchen subscription box delivers mindful meat to your door every month.

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Wipe Your Mouth, You're Drooling

We get it. Not everyone lives on a dreamy Colorado ranch, crawling with happy, foraging hogs and grass-grazing heifers.


But when you convenience-buy meat that’s “good enough” from the supermarket you’re not:

  • making the healthiest food choices for your family
  • supporting real ranches (not factory farms) with your dollars
  • really sure how that animal was treated

You're better than “good enough.” What’s on your plate should be too.


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Here's how:


1. Choose your box

Every Ranch to Kitchen subscription box comes with assorted cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and fish. You decide the box size that matches your appetite, freezer space, and budget. You can also add-on products you know you're going to want. (two words- more bacon)


2. Get your box

Set the frequency of your shipment anywhere between 2 - 12 weeks. (You Decide - You're the boss of your box!) On the big day, the highest quality meat ships for free in recyclable, thaw-proofing packaging right to your front door. It's seriously like Meat Christmas.



3. Eat your box

Okay, don't eat THE box. No more panicked grocery store buying. No more hasty drive-thru runs. Just the peace of mind knowing you're stocked with incredibly tasty, mindful meat all month long.




Great for 1-2 people

This works out to about:

  • $4.63 per portion
  • 27 portions
  • 13 dinners for two


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best value


Great for 3-5 people

This works out to about:

  • $3.70 per portion
  • 54 portions
  • 13 dinners for four eaters


Free Shipping

When subscribing to Ranch to Kitchen boxes:

You save time and money.

Your family is healthier.

You're supporting ethical ranches.

You're doing your part for the environment.

You're having the best damn dinners EVER.

See What's Inside

When we say it's Meat Christmas, we mean it. The unboxing is so fun, for real!

SPOILER ALERT - you may get a little something like this:

Sold out

Sold out

*and just so you know, we won't give you anything too...adventurous. But if you like that sort of thing, you can add it here.

We Keep It Flexible!

Although there are no subs or swaps within the contents of your Ranch to Kitchen subscription boxes, you can easily log in to your account and skip a month, change the frequency of your order, switch to another subscription box type or add additional products to your existing box.

Have out of town guests?

Add a few pounds of breakfast sausage to your box that month.

Love burgers and tacos?

Add an all ground beef subscription box, too.

Going on vacation?

Adjust your delivery date for when you return.

(Or better yet, have your meat shipped to your home away from home at no extra charge!)

Want mindful meat every day of the month?

Be sure to sign up for multiple Ranch to Kitchen subscription boxes.

Why Corner Post?

Hey. We’re Dan and Adrienne. We’re your ranchers.

For sixteen years, we’ve been caring for land, livestock and the wildlife that call healthy rangeland home. Thousands of customers trust us to provide them with meat raised the way it was always supposed to be.

We created the Ranch to Kitchen subscription so people could get mindful meat delivered every month, without the risk of forgetting to order. (It happens to the best of us, right?) The Ranch to Kitchen subscription means you only have to make a good food choice once, instead of every single time you shop or cook.

Unlike other meat subscription boxes, we are not just a meat distribution center with clever marketing. Terms like free-range, grass-finished, and all-natural have been watered down and used by the meat industry to trick people into believing they are making the best choices for their families. The truth is, these facilities have one goal - to make as much money as possible. They will sacrifice your trust, the health of the animal, and the sustainability of food production in this country to do it.

Corner Post Meats and our network of like-minded fishermen, farmers and ranchers live by the belief that food should be raised in balance with nature. Our meat comes from animals that are raised only nomadically. Never pen raised in high-density confinement barns and feed yards. They only eat what they were created to eat, and they aren't injected with anything they shouldn't be. This is the realest food you're going to find, and now you don't have to be local to get it.

You can trust every dollar you spend with CPM, because we invite you into the story of where your meat comes from. By following our email and social media content, we actually show you how we do things and why. <<check it out!>> At a big box supermarket, all you see is a refrigerator case, and a label with a pretty red barn on it that says organic. We don’t think that’s good enough. We think you deserve better than that.

Real talk. If we felt like paying a bazillion dollars for a certification, we could “officially” call all of our meat organic too. But we’d rather save you the money. So there.

We invite you to get yourself a Ranch to Kitchen Mixed Meat subscription box. If you give a damn about what you eat, we’ll take care of you.

Got Questions? Lay 'em on us.

We have a big family (or BIG eaters). Can I get more than one box a month?

Totally! As a matter of fact, if you have more than 4 people in your family and you’d like to eat mindful meat at least five times per week, you probably do want to get more than one box. Check this out to get a good idea of which box or boxes would work best for your family, your freezer and your budget.

Can I choose what comes in my mixed meat box?

No. We take this part off your plate and choose which cuts of meat come in your subscription box for you. You’ll always get an assortment of steaks, ground and slow cooking items as well as at least one of each - beef, pork, chicken and fish - but the fun part is seeing which variety and cuts you receive that month! As always, make sure you get extras of specific products by logging in to your account before your box ships and add your faves.

Can I add more meat to my box?

We think a better question would be “Which meat are you going to add to your box?!” The Ranch to Kitchen subscription box comes with a preselected assortment of beef, pork, chicken and fish, but each month you can choose to add the meats you know you’re going to want. This way, you are never without what you need, and you are always trying something new. Boom.

What if I’m not home when my meat is going to be delivered?

Have no fear. Our shipments are packaged in recyclable insulated boxes with dry ice. Unless you leave your box outside for several DAYS, you’ll be good to go when you get home. Optional shipping insurance is available. If you’re planning a trip, log into your account to easily alter your delivery date or location.

Does the meat come on the same day every month?

We keep it flexible by allowing you to schedule your subscription frequency anytime between 2 and 12 weeks. Set it and forget it and watch the meat train just show up at your door time after time. If you need even more flexibility, log into your account to change the date every time. You’re the boss here.

Can I pause my subscription?

You betcha. Simply log on to your account to manage your subscription.

Can I ship my subscription to a different address?

Certainly. As long as you edit the address in your account at least 24 hours before the order is processed, you can ship it anywhere to the continental United States at no extra charge.

Can I use a gift card to pay for my subscription?

Your recurring charge is linked to a credit card, so gift cards are not eligible as payments on a subscription. Feel free to use your gift card to buy tasty meat as a supplement to your scheduled box! Then you will have even more amazing options in your freezer! 

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We may cry just a little, but we will never ever make it difficult for you to cancel your subscription. Log in to access your account and follow the easy peasy prompts. If something changes in your life, we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back.