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We have an awesome group of pastured pigs that we will be selling in order to focus on other areas of our meats business. Our pigs are a culmination of an extensive 7 year breeding program to produce a hearty and healthy pastured pig raised in the pine forests of Colorado.

Exceptional Pork

These pigs have supplied some of the finest pork in the western US. They gain well on pasture and provide a good balance of vibrant red meat, marbling and fat cap. This pork has been celebrated by world renowned Chefs and Butchers, as well as proclaimed as: “The best pork they have ever had” by countless home consumers nationwide.

Selective Breeding

The breeds involved in our selection process were: Berkshire, Hereford, Tamworth, Duroc, Chester White and a tiny bit of Mangalitsa.


  • Trained to single wire temporary electric fence
  • Bred to finish on simple non-soy grain rations.
  • Finished hog at nine months (from 40lb. weaned piglet to 300lb.)
  • Conditioned to thrive in a semi forested arid climate 365 days per year
  • Will thrive and gain weight even during winter conditions
  • Handled on a regular basis and can be moved just like a herd of cows from one paddock to another.
  • Male pigs left intact. We found that pastured raised boars raised in a low stress pastured environment have no measurable difference in taste or tenderness compared to castrated males.
  • Endless entertainment. Pasture raised pigs are hilarious and make great marketing content.

Breeding Sows Video

These fantastic breeding sows have been the core of our pastured pig program.  


  • 24 Head - farrowed first litter January 2021. DOB January 2020
  • 4 Head - farrowed three litters. DOB 2019
  • 5 Head - best moms on the ranch which is why they are still around after five successful litters.
  • Bred for late September/October 2021 litter by yearling boars who produced great litters earlier this year including all the other market pigs we have right now.
  • Have consistently weaned 7+ piglets each litter, twice per year
  • Bred to have piglets without the use of gestation or farrowing crates
  • Good motherly instincts and very unlikely to smother their newborn piglets
  • Great temperament most of the year. When they have piglets, they are bred to guard their children like mama grizzly bears. Which provides great protection for potential predators and great attention to nurturing their young piglets.
  • If they do not produce a litter of piglets this year we will refund your money for the sow.

Market Pigs

Some of the 100-125 # gilts

Date of Birth Group Name Number Of Head Estimated Weight Range Conservative Finish Weight Date Estimated Live Value Per Pig

April 2021


65 Gilt and Boar Piglets

50-75 lbs.

February - May 2022


January 2021


6o Gilts

100-125 lbs.

November 2021 - February 2022


January 2021


6o Boar's

100-125 lbs.

November 2021 - February 2022


September 2020

Mangalitsa Cross

12 Barrow + Gilts

250-300# + 3 @ 200#

9 Ready Now + 3 in October 2021


June 2020


12 Barrow + Gilts

275-300 lbs.

Ready Now 5-6 could be breeding sows


Jan 2020

Sow Group 1


300+ lbs.

Due October 2021 w/ 2nd litter



Sow Group 2


300+ lbs.

Due October 2021 w/ 4th litter



Sow Group 3


300+ lbs.

Due October 2021 w/ 6th litter


January 2020

Breeding Boars


300+ lbs.

Fathered Group C & D piglets

+ with all sows now


Sliding Scale Per 50 Lbs.

Weight Range Per lb. Total

  50                     $3.00   $150

100                     $2.05   $205

150                   $1.73   $260

200                   $1.58   $315

250                   $1.48   $370

300                   $1.42   $425


Pigs Will Be Sold On Avg. Per Lb. Weight

Market Pig Video

Pricing Incentives

Buy more than 10 = Discount 10%

Buy more than 20 = Discount 15%

Referral = 5% Cash paid to you on total referred sale value

Chef David Patterson

Executive Chef Broadmoor Hotel

"This is some of the best pork I have ever seen in the US"


Chef Brian Polcyn

World Renowned Charcuterie Expert

"Iv'e only seen pork of this quality in Europe"


Chef Max Robbins

The Penrose Room at the Broadmoor Hotel -

French Laundry - Churchills Savanah Georgia

"This pork is a crazy amazing product, one of the best products I have ever worked with"


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