Livestock Rearing and Finishing

90 Day Grass Finished & Pasture Raised Apprenticeship 


Are you looking for an opportunity to get hands-on working experience at a new and growing ranch-to-table meats business? Are you hungry for a chance to build your skills, knowledge and experience in pastured pork and poultry as well as grass-finished beef and lamb production?

A 90-day hands-on working experience at Corner Post Meats will show you firsthand, what it takes to bring a product from the ranch to Colorado restaurants and families nationwide. This program is a taste of what a career at Corner Post Meats is like. Our production methods are based on old wisdom and traditional ways but very progressively minded to adapt to new technologies and an ever changing world.

People that are self-motivated, have an inquisitive drive to learn and grow as a person, and enjoy working hard alongside a dedicated team are best suited for this opportunity.

What We Do:

The meats of Corner Post are created by clean water, open spaces, and healthy ecosystems. We implement an innovative, nomadic management model that moves our livestock across the land on a weekly basis entirely independent of barns and corrals.

Why We Do It:

At Corner Post Meats we envision the business of ranching reborn and revolutionized in a way that is abundantly great for land, wildlife, livestock and people.

This 90-day program is designed to help us find hard working, entrepreneurial, people who are looking to build a career in agriculture. As opportunities open up in our company we chose people from this program to fill long-term needs.

Who We Are:

The Corner Post Crew is a group of gritty yet sophisticated folks who are revolutionizing the pasture-to-plate business with a “don’t fence me in” kind of approach to problem solving. We are often vibrant storytellers who like to laugh. We are devoted and passionate about working in a land-centric business model and are jazzed about bringing wholesome, ranch-raised meats to our community, focusing on home consumers nationwide and restaurant chefs along the Colorado front range.

“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.”

-Steve Pavlina

What You’ll Learn About:

The 90-day intro program is for up to five individuals to work alongside our current crew of five. Each week will involve daily chores, care and regular moving of pastured pigs, sheep, and cows, along with poultry, seasonally. You will also be exposed to:
§ stockmanship
§ livestock water systems
§ trailer loading and hauling
§ electric fence
§ basic handling of pigs, sheep and cows
§ mobile livestock shelter construction
§ grazing management practices: where and how to graze animals

There will be bi-weekly development meetings with progressing tasks and responsibility.

Are You A Fit?

The right applicant for this experience needs to be:


To their work and purpose.


What is going on around them and needs done.


Where they are and what they are doing.


Do your best.

Only consider this opportunity if you can agree to the following:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Able to pass a basic background check
  • Capable of lifting large, heavy/bulky items up to 75 pounds
  • Able to work in variable outdoor temperatures and extreme cold
  • It is well understood that this job entails a large degree of manual labor.
  • Social drinking is allowed, but excessive drug use of any kind is not tolerated and will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

What You Can Expect:

Life at Corner Post Meats is like jumping onto a fast-moving train. The work can be very demanding, but rewarding with a variety of responsibilities and tasks. We are a small but dedicated crew who accomplish amazing things. You should be ready to:

  • Work within a small team to achieve daily and weekly chores.
  • Coordinate with others on daily chore responsibilities and the overall crew schedule, including rotation of days off.
  • Report progress and needs to on-site business owners on a weekly basis.
  • Have some public interaction through personal customer contact, farm tours, and farm-to-table dinners.


  • One day off per week, additional half day off when livestock responsibilities are met.
  • 8-9 hour work day occasionally 11 hour days.

Stipend: $400 each month

Housing – your own furnished bedroom with shared living room, bathroom and kitchen. Off ranch, but nearby.

Food – We have a weekly crew dinner at HQ. The Crew House freezer will be filled at the beginning of each month, to be shared amongst the crew. You will receive a 10% discount on all additional CPM meat orders.

Do you have determination, perseverance and resolve to do what it takes, come sunshine or stormy weather, to fulfill the needs of the ranch, business, our animals and our customers? If you can demonstrate the ability to show a true grit when it comes to your zest and zeal for life and work, then Corner Post Meats is your tribe.

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work so most people don’t recognize them.”

-Ann Landers

90 Day’s of Corner Post Way’s Apprenticeship Dates:

  • March 5th – May 25th
  • June 4th - Aug 12th
  • September 3rd – Nov 16th


Please follow the instructions for application below:
§Compile a simple job resume and answer the application questions below.
§Send your resume and answers to with your name and "90 Day" as the subject.
§ Applicants who are good candidates for the next round, will be invited to visit the ranch at their own expense for a two-day working interview in order to see if the program is a good fit.

Please Answer these questions
1. Tell us about an interest that you are committed to being great at.
2. Life hardly ever goes as we plan... However, if you traveled in time 5 years where do you think you would find yourself and why?
3. What didn’t you get to include on your resume?
4. How would you prioritize the following and why? Company. Self. Team.
5. What do you think is true that no one else seems to agree with?
6. What would make working at Corner Post Meats become the job you have always wanted?

Thank you for the interest in joining our team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Lorenz / Production Manager /Owner

Corner Post Meats

***We appreciate your enthusiasm. However, please do not stop by the ranch or call to inquire about the positions. We will assess all applications and respond via email. Thanks!***