About Nomadically Raised Beef

For thousands and thousands of years enormous and thriving herds of animals migrated to the high plains stretching from Texas to Montana to raise their young and gain weight. Our cattle are raised in these time-honored nomadic patterns on the western great plains on very large tracts of land in Colorado and Wyoming. Beef raised in these grassland pastures in the shadow of the mountains is arguably some of the world’s finest beef. When most other cattle are herded into corrals each fall to be shipped to grain feedlots, the cattle of Corner Post Meats remain on the land in pastures that are ready and waiting for winter grazing. The short grass plains on the edge of the Rocky Mountains are small in stature, but packed with nutrition even in the harshest winters. From birth to harvest our cattle live on the land as they were intended to. The key to making the beef exceptional in taste is known as the 'finishing stage'. This is the rancher’s art of making unforgettable beef. In the final stages of creating great beef, we take extra care to make sure the animals are on the best pastures we have available when the grasses and plants flourish again in the spring and summer. The breeds of cattle we select are animals that excel on pasture and are often a mix of breeds. Some of the best beef we have created results from crossing Angus, Long Horn, Hereford, and Scottish Highlander. We believe that the taste of beef should reflect the healthy vibrancy and expanse of the prairies in which they are raised. The flavor and satisfying taste contains the important elements of the clean air, fresh water, and plenty of mountain sunshine. 


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