About Forest Foraging Pork

'FREE THE SWINE AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW'. Rocky Mountain Forest Raised Pork gets its quality from a pastoral method of 'herding' pigs across pastures and forests in Black Forest, Colorado. Less  than 10% of the pork in the world comes from pigs raised in this nomadic herding style. These herding methods are very similar to the elements used to create the famous hams and cured meats found in Spain, Italy, and Germany. Raising pigs in the forest requires an artisanal level of care from the rancher and provides an iconic place for a pig to be raised. The integrity of our animal care carries through to the pork in a way that is undeniably rich in flavor, rosy in color, and contains high amounts of marbling. Exceptional pork comes from pigs raised in an exceptional way. 

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