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Founded by Dan Lorenz and Adrienne Larrew, who still lead the team today. Hear their story and why we are all so passionate about good land management and feeding our community.

Our team of people is filled with individuals who have true grit, show a zest and zeal for life, and are fired up to work within a company that is about good food that comes from managing healthy landscapes. Interested in joining the CPM team? Learn how here.


Corner Post leases land owned by Audubon Rockies

What does tasty meat have to do with bird conservation?

Birds are highly sensitive to landscape changes which makes them excellent indicators of overall ecosystem health. To combat the negative effects of grassland degradation---and to keep grass on the landscape---Audubon developed the Conservation Ranching certification label on beef products. Program standards cover Habitat Management, Forage & Feeding, Animal Health & Welfare and Environmental Sustainability.

What's good for the bird is good for the herd! 

For the first time, consumers can contribute to grassland conservation efforts by selectively purchasing beef from Audubon-Certified ranches like Corner Post Meats.