Ranch to Kitchen - Beef Only Subscription

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Bring the "Ranch to Your Kitchen" with this Beef Only Subscription, to satisfy every beef lover's cravings. You will receive an assorted box packed with ground beef, steaks and slow cooking cuts. Enjoy the discovery of tasting your new favorites! 

Typically 15-18 lbs

Great for 2-4 people

This works out to about:

* $4.17 per portion

* 48 portions

* 12 dinners for four

***FREE shipping***


Need to adjust this box to better match your appetite, freezer space, and budget?

* You can add-on products you know you’re going to want. (two words - more burgers)

*  You can set the frequency of your shipment anywhere between 2-12 weeks. (You Decide - You’re the boss of your box!) 

No more panicked grocery store buying. No more hasty drive-thru runs. Just the peace of mind knowing you’re stocked with incredibly tasty, mindful meat all month long. On the big day, the highest quality meat ships for free in recyclable, thaw-proof packaging right to your front door. It’s seriously like Meat Christmas. 


Thanks to your support of our tasty beef that is "Audubon Certified - Grazed on Bird Friendly Land." Click here to learn more about Audubon Certified.