What are you doing to boost your immune system?

      No doubt, everyone is getting burned out on hearing about the virus.

However, I caught a great interview this week with Joe Rogan and Joel Salatin about the value of boosting your immune system through food, the importance of getting exercise during a pandemic, and how important it is to think positively in the face of uncertainty. I think everyone is familiar with Joe Rogan, but if you don’t know who he is, his podcast has one of the biggest followings of all. Joel Salatin is a farmer from Virginia and is one of the biggest advocates for meat production far different than what you typically find in the grocery store. Joel is possibly the godfather for raising animals in balance with nature and how that translates into a better world and better health for all of us. This interview with Joel inspired me. With the world totally upside-down, it’s so important that we focus on what we can control rather than what we can’t. Joel is reminding us that when we live in fear and stress as a part of everyday, our immune system goes to crap.

Some things that were said in this interview really helped me to shift my mindset away from the doom and gloom in the news. One of Joe’s main points was “What if we all shifted our mindset away from fear and towards being healthy and strong?”  Joel had some good points about “What is it costing our society to live in fear of getting sick?” I think it’s about time we focus on living and being healthy rather than living in fear of “what if.” The virus and the riots are a big concern, no doubt, and all this mess in the world will be here for a while and is totally out of our control for the most part.

We CAN take control of boosting our health and our happiness.  Perhaps now more than ever, we need to think about how we can be strong in the face of a less than optimistic situation. For us at CPM we focus on helping spread the word about boosting immunity through eating mindful meat that comes from healthy animals with healthy immune systems, raised in balance with nature. Perhaps eating inexpensive meat from confined critters pumped full of drugs and growth hormones might not be the way to go...

What are some of the things that are helping you stay strong during these times? We would love to hear from you and help spread the word on what is helping everyone have positive vibes during these times.

From all of us at Corner Post Meats,

Be strong!

check out the full interview below:


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