Is eating beef good for the environment?

Take the time to venture off on a dirt road into the open prairie this weekend. You will probably see this bird on an old fence post and hear its long rolling whistle calling out across the plains.

This is a Western Meadowlark. Our friend, Alison Holloran with Audubon Rockies, told us that he is the Justin Timberlake of birds. "He’s good to look at and he sings like an angel." You might think that little guy seems to be doing great. Nope, Not so much..... There are less grasslands left every year. In fact, there are now 75% less meadowlarks than there were 30 years ago. Most of the land the meadowlark needs has been converted from grassland to cropland, subdivisions, and parking lots. Therefore this bird is in serious trouble. This is where the cows and eating meat come into the story. Contrary to the negative buzz on the street about cattle grazing, Meadowlarks happen to thrive on grazing land that is well managed by a rancher.

Eating beef that is raised on this well managed land is a great way for people to conserve wildlife habitat by what they eat. When you buy beef from Corner Post Meats you are helping to save birds like the meadowlark with dollars spent on meat. With each tasty bite, you help to ensure that great things keep happening on the land for wildlife and their future. If you did not already know, the ranch we manage that is home to Corner Post Meat’s is owned by the National Audubon Society. We are proud to be a home for the Western Meadowlark and thousands of other birds that need a place to live or just stop by for a while.


To learn more about The National Audubon Society and the work they do click here 

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