How to have the best turkey ever this Thanksgiving.

I heard a comedian say a while back that he did not understand why people wanted to eat free-range chickens. He sarcastically said, “I don’t want a chicken that could roam free and had hopes and dreams.” “No No, I want a Miserable One that’s cooped up in a tiny pen, that’s sick of it and ready to die!” This satirically gets my point across, I hope… This year we are bringing you the best tasting turkey you could ever have, no joke. Awesome turkey comes from giving a hoot that the bird was raised right. Birds raised outside, on pasture, are one step away from being the same delectably delicious wild turkey a pilgrim marched 5 miles in the snow, through dangerous Indian territory, to hunt. In the past, we raised pastured turkeys on our ranch in Colorado for our customers. Due to the major limitations of processing turkeys in Colorado, we shifted gears and partnered with another farm who is fantastic at raising and processing turkeys.  White Oak Pastures, in Georgia, is all that and a bag of chips! Adrienne and I visited White Oak Pastures two years ago and were super impressed with  their operation. Check out this video to have a look at how they raise Thanksgiving turkey.

 FYI: White Oak Pastures is a really cool place! If you would like to learn more about their operation, check out these binge worthy you-tube video links below.

We have a whole bunch of frozen turkey headed to our freezer in Colorado early November, to be shipped individually to your door for Thanksgiving. It might be too early for you to start thinking about Thanksgiving, but we want to make sure we get enough birds lined up for people who want one. For goodness sake don’t procrastinate, get a bird purchased now.

You don’t have room in the freezer we know… No sweat, all turkeys will ship to you the week of November 16th to give you time to thaw, brine, or marvel at your amazing pasture raised turkey prior to devouring it. Or if you would rather, you can pick up at the ranch on Saturday November 21st . Remember…if you want to pickup at the ranch you still need to order now to make sure we have a bird available for you.

Wouldn’t it feel good to get a bird purchased now so that’s one less thing to remember to do?

Click Here! To grab a turkey now before we run out!

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