A Great Way To Plan The Week

Here is 2 minute read that might help you kick some tail planning your day.

We keep hearing from folks that they would love to eat better and would love to find more time to cook. However, everyone is totally swamped with day to day life. For many, “What’s for dinner?” feels like just another thing to check off the to-do list. Many times people go with what’s easy to grab at the store and unknowingly end up with the “close enough” option for eating better meat that’s not REALLY what they thought it was. Adrienne and I found a great tool  that is helping us to take back control of our day and make sure we're able to fit in the things that matter to us, like eating well and cooking.

This year I discovered the Full Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt and Company. My first reaction to getting the planner was…..”Oh that’s right!  I still have a planner I tried using years ago, in a box someplace.”  I dug out the old planner and compared it to the Full Focus one. The old planners have nothing in them on WHY or HOW to organize, it’s just empty calendar pages and places to lose important dates and information in. Someone might say that all planners are the same.  After experiencing one that actually works, I cannot agree. I’m not great about using my planner everyday, quite yet. But when I do, my world goes from a big overwhelming mess to everything getting accomplished by design. I went from never taking a day off, to knowing when and planning a day off each week. Since using the planner, way more stuff gets done than did before. Now I can sleep without all the things that need done whirling in my head. I still have moments of being totally overwhelmed, but now I find myself slowing down enough to enjoy the day and get things done with far more focus. 

In our house, we have always made eating well a pretty exuberant must do. I have my other half, Adrienne, to thank for making that a priority. However, for a lot of people eating mindfully totally falls off the radar. I think if you give the planner a try it will help you plan to sit down and enjoy some nourishing and tasty meat, enjoy the outdoors more, and spend more time with family and friends.

On a very related note, I think the recent crazy state of events in the world is stressing most of us out because everything seems so out of our control.  We are all no less busy just trying to get by, and now there are multiple new challenges in front of all of us. The Full Focus Planner has been a great tool for me to take back control of my future and map out the things I control and keep achieving the things I want to (and need to). I think anyone who knows me wouldn’t believe I just wrote a blog post on a planner. I have always been one for spur of the moment adventures, up for any adventure working on a ranch, or wandering in the mountains without a plan or a trail to follow. I still do those things but now I'm learning to plan when to take time to “Have no plan”. I love the saying “Not all who wander are lost”. If you're wired the way I am, I have really learned the value and need to plan to “Go Wander” for a while.

This isn’t an affiliate thingy nor do I receive any benefit other than knowing that I am sharing a really important tool with others. If you are interested, https://fullfocusplanner.com/


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