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Corner Post Italian Sausage

It's time for a pizza party!
This economical bulk recipe will help with plan ahead meal prep for easy week night meals. We'll show you how to devote just a short amount of time to create 10 wholesome pizzas to stock your freezer. 

Get on board the pizza train with this easy bulk meal prep plan and recipe! Your family will love these wholesome make ahead pizzas. Freeze 'em and keep on hand for an easy weeknight meal. Using all 'good for you' fresh ingredients including Corner Post Italian Pastured Pork Sausage. These tasty pizzas are economical and more nutritious than a store bought frozen pizza. Get the kids in on the action assembly line style to make these pizzas in a flash and while having some family fun in the kitchen!

homemade pizza recipe with pastured Italian pork sausage - easy meal prep



Pastured Pork Italian Sausage - Rocky Mountain Forest Raised Pork

Corner Post Pastured Pork Italian Sausage
All the spices used to create Corner Post Italian Sausage are handcrafted at Savory Spice Shop located in Denver, Colorado. 

fresh homemade pizza with pastured pork Italian sausage

Gather the cooked sausage, organic mozzarella cheese, and fresh pizza dough to assemble your pizza. Just add on additional toppings that you enjoy.  

pizza topped with fresh ingredients - organic cheese and pastured pork

Top with fresh ingredients  - mushrooms, sliced onion and yellow bell peppers. 

10 pre-made packs pizza dough (we found ours at Trader Joe's)
2 - 16 oz. jars of marinara sauce
10 - 8 oz. packages organic mozzarella cheese
4 lbs. Corner Post Italian Sausage
3 lbs. sliced mushrooms
2 sliced onions
2 bell peppers, sliced
arugula to top after baking
flour for rolling out dough

rolling pin and baking sheet trays or pizza pans/pizza stones

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Brown the Italian sausage on the stove over medium heat, stirring once in a while to crumble the meat. Cook the sliced onions, peppers and mushrooms over medium heat with 2 tablespoons of lard. Allow meat and veggies to cool while rolling out the pizza dough. Dust counter surface and rolling pin with flour and roll out each dough to a roughly 14" round or square. Par-bake each crust for 7 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Remove crusts and allow to cool before adding the toppings. 

Once all the ingredients are cooked and cooled completely to room temperature, it's time to start assembling the pizzas! We used roughly 3 ounces of sauce, 8 ounces of cheese, and just over 6 ounces of sausage per pizza. The veggies were on 7 of the 10 pizzas we made, leaving some just meat and cheese only pizzas for the picky eaters out there. Watch the video to find out just how economical it is to create these fresh pizzas compared to store bought frozen pizza. Plus, this version tastes great and it's better for you!

After you have assembled the pizzas, you're at a crossroads. At this point you can cook the pizzas for immediate enjoyment or start the process of freezing for later. 

TO FREEZE: Stack 2-3 pizzas with parchment paper in between each pie to avoid sticking together. Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze flat on a tray. After pizzas are frozen they can be stacked vertically in the freezer for storage. 
TO COOK (from room temp or frozen): Preheat oven and pan to 400 degrees. Place pizza on hot pan or stone and return to oven and allow to cook for 20-25 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and the crust is golden brown. 

Serving suggestion: After your pizza has cooled slightly, top it off with arugula for a fresh spicy twist to add to your pizza. Be sure to print this recipe for your collection and post to social media using the Corner Post Meats tag. Enjoy!

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pizza with arugula topping - fresh homemade pizza with sausage, onion, pepper, mushroom