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Together we are pioneering an authentic food culture from our ranch to your kitchen. Vibrant land and healthy animals create thriving communities.

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Invest in your health by supporting your local rancher. Every meal you serve with Corner Post Meats builds more resilient local food system. Every dollar spent produces vibrant land and healthy animals which in turn creates thriving communities.

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I love what you guys stand for! I LOVED the videos you put up on the website!!!!! Made me want to buy everything. 

Elsie Spingath

...I had been buying food from Corner Post Meats for my own family-why not partner with them to send gifts to my own clients and partners? I can login to CPM, order a package of meat and have it sent directly to the client.  I can even stop by the ranch and deliver a hand written "Thank You" note to the client. CPM will slip that note into the box before shipping. It's a great personal touch! 

Tracy Bookman - Owner, Homestead Roofing

This is the best grass-fed, pastured ground beef that I have ever purchased.  It's lean but very flavorful and definitely not dried out like some I've had.  I think that you'd like it an highly recommend that you try it. 

Janet Williamson

The Corner Post Meats Difference

Vibrant land and healthy animals create thriving communities.